A Practical Solution to Plastic Bottles

We do nothing because we fear we are too small to make a difference, we fail to realise that the solution IS small, like us.

There is a mentality today which makes it seem impossible to tackle the big problems facing the planet. So if we can’t change those big problems, let’s change our mentality.

There is a lot going on in the World today. Big stuff too, stuff we feel like we have no control of. There’s too much it feels hard to keep track of, every day there is another story online or in the news about something going wrong in some place of the world. And then you get the people like me, the people who are talking about the small stuff, like the corals on a reef in the middle of nowhere. So why even bother? Why bother talking about small issues if there are so many bigger things at stake? I’ll tell you why, because these small things are the things that we, as individuals; have the ability to influence and change.

So let’s pick one small thing as an example for this article. Reducing your use of single serve plastics. There will always be someone who feels like they need to say something like “that’s hardly an issue, what about the big corporations and the government and blah blah blah etc. etc”, but here’s the irony – you can’t change any of that, you know why? because those big entities are made up of people with the same mentality as you! It’s just the ideal excuse not to do the things that you as an individual are capable of doing and changing the things you do have an influence over..

So how do we fix it? It’s a simple change in the way we think, that is literally it. Once you decide to take on some responsibility and actively search out ways to change, you’ll begin to realise actually how easy it is to give up on that outdated way of thinking. You’ll start to find it hard to do the things that will hurt the oceans and the planet, and easy to do the right thing. Even if it’s the smallest thing, like asking for your drink without a straw, that ripple will spread to others. In time, it’s these small ripples that will eventually have an influence over those big problems you can’t even begin to imagine dealing with. You see how that could work?

It’s just easy – no extra effort or money or schooling required, just an updated, adapted way of living which is something that we; as humans; should be constantly striving towards anyway. Once you begin, it’ll get easier and easier, and you’ll slip up, and i’m guilty of it too, but more importantly, now i’m conscious of it. The longer we stay in outdated means, whether it is technology or politics or teaching or whatever, the harder it is to make that transition and to ascend to more effective and greater means of doing things. So nows the time to change.


So once you have a positive mentality to reducing plastics and changing the planet, you’ll need practical applications, and there are many out there. Here’s one project i’d like to highlight that i’ve been working with over the last couple of months that are attempting to make it easier and easier for us to do so.

Water3 is an Australian based enterprise that are challenging the disposable plastic water bottle industry through the use of stainless steel refillable bottles that allow you to store credit and refill at their filtered spring water stations. You can purchase a neat double-walled, insulated stainless steel bottle (in the colour of your choice), which will keep your water cold (or hot) for up to 12 hours. And it really does work, often times when i’m working I will fill my bottle in the morning, go for a couple dives and be editing in between throughout the day, will come to grab a drink from my Water3 bottle in the afternoon and find it virtually as cold as when I filled it. The trouble I’ve had with steel bottles in the past is the build up of condensation on the outside of the bottle, and a metallic taste in the water – but not with the Water3 design, I was actually blown away by how practical it is. Once you’ve downloaded the app you can locate the nearest refill station and have access to cheap, bottle free, fresh spring water any time of day. Your bottle comes with a RFID chip in the lid, which allows you to store and redeem credit easily and refill quickly with one easy swipe. If sparkling water is your thing, it’s coming soon to the refill stations. You can live at ease knowing that with every refill, that is one less plastic bottle going out into the environment.

I really endorse this innovation and would love it if you guys could check out their website and grab yourself a bottle or make a gift of one to a friend.

And remember –  No matter where you are, on the reef or in a city or the desert, or halfway across the world – YOU have an impact. And there is nowhere left to go, every piece of plastic that has ever existed is still around in some form or another. Even if it is biodegradable, it still breaks down into micro plastics that end up in the oceans and in the earth. These micro plastics find their way into the food stream and make their way back to us! So let’s attempt to change the mentality of others by changing the mentality of ourselves first. Simple right?

A Fantastic New Solution to Plastic Bottles is Making it's Way Through Australia

Everyday I feel the weight of disposable plastics getting greater and greater, but there are solutions out there, we just need to spread the world and make it happen. I'd like to introduce everyone to my friends at Water3, an Australian based enterprise that are challenging the disposable plastic water bottle industry through the use of trackable, refillable bottles that allow you to store and redeem credit at filtered spring water stations. Please check out their website at Water3.com http://bit.ly/2kfFfkF and stay tuned on Islandjems Imagery for the blog to follow!

Posted by Islandjems Imagery on Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Throughout this entry are some recent photos from the Water3 Shoot and my last few months on the Great Barrier Reef, plus a short video I made for social media. Very soon I will have an opportunity to share more about the film project I’ve been working with and how YOU can get involved. It’s been more than a year in the making and it is very close to my heart, so please stay tuned and stay inspired!

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